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A Little Weekend Project

After the year of french door building, Boris couldn't wait to jump into another project - one that was a bit easier (for him). Luckily for him, we had plenty of options to choose from. Though we now had beautiful french doors, we couldn't use them because there was about an eight foot drop down to the backyard patio. So we needed a deck, and fast. Boris promised me the deck was a weekend project, so I booked a weekend to Michigan with the two kids. Of course that weekend it rained for about 36 hours straight. Rather than be deterred, however, Boris set up a tarp and got to work.

I should note, he had cut most of the wood at night in the weeks prior and he and J dug and filled holes with concrete for the support beams the weekend prior. He didn't quite get finished while we were gone, but he blamed that on the weather and I couldn't really blame him. A few hours here and there over the next few weeks and this was the (almost) finished product.

Unlike most other projects, I got to add the finishing touch to this one in the way of staining and sealing the deck. After three coats, though, I really started to despise those spindles. This was also the first project since I quit my job that I felt like I picked up some sort of new skill. (I know staining isn't a "skill" for some, but it is for me.)

Now we have a way to get to the backyard without going through the side door as well as another way for my children to escape when I'm in another room. Next up, the five month kitchen renovation, did our marriage survive?

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