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Things I've Googled in the Last 30 Days

So now that we have our Vermont home, the reality that we are going to be living out in the country has started to sink in - both the exciting and the terrifying parts. Since we won't really start living in Vermont until May, I can only use my imagination as to what it will be like. This leads to a lot of angst for someone (me) that likes to plan. Case in point, our first night in the hotel in Vermont, while everyone else was sleeping, I was googling how many mountain lion attacks there have been in Vermont in the last twenty years. (In case you're wondering, according to Google, the last wild mountain lion known to exist in Vermont in 1881. According to a Facebook group created for mountain lion sightings in Vermont, mountain lions, even panthers, roam freely).

Here are a few other things I never expected to need to google:

- How do you identify if a maple tree is old enough to be tapped?

- How long does a newly planted pear tree take to bear fruit?

- Can my kids get e. coli from swimming in our pond?

- How do I make a remedy for poison ivy from jewelweed?

- What does a moose call sound like? Also, what does an angry moose sound like?

- Do I need to remove all of our wild blackberry bushes to prevent bears from eating my children? (I'm paraphrasing here.)

Things usually devolve even further, especially if its after 11 p.m. So what's a lady to do? Maybe I'll move onto googling the best hiking boots to buy.

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