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We May Not be Living Our Best Life, But We're Doing our Best to Live.

It's been a bit since I surfaced here and a lot of life has happened since my last post. The details of all of it would be hard to put down in any cognizable order and some of it is just plain private, but the four Vermont Seagraves are still here and still standing. Thriving? That depends on the day. A month ago, in the aftermath of the holidays, I would have told you that things were grim. Yesterday, I would have told you we were finally beginning to live the life we had imagined two years when we were still city slickers. Today, I'm praying tomorrow is NOT a snow day. I used up all my good mom mojo today. I honestly thought the whiplash of experiencing ALL emotions within a few weeks had been put to bed in adolescence, but here I am, 38 years old and feeling as manic as a teenager the week before prom. (The problem here is prom is now just life, which arrives anew every damn day.) In any event, I'm trying to document this crazy ride again and I'm starting with a resolution to post more.

Like I said, a lot has happened since the summer of 2018, including a death in the family and my going back to work as an attorney part-time. Those developments drastically slowed down our timeline on completing renovations on the house, and I'm beginning to accept that, of course they should have. It is hard, though, in this world of HGTV where full home transformations unfold in 45 minutes, to not feel as if every step has been as slow and difficult as crossing a desert of quicksand. To put things in perspective though, I look at some pictures:

Old Kitchen

New Kitchen

Old Mudroom

New Mudroom

I've also decided to take some pressure off on what I post - that is, sometimes I might post something that's three sentences and no pictures, just to try to document the tornado that is life. Somebody hold me to it.

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